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Foshan KAD mechanical equipment Co. Ltd is a set of production, processing, wholesale distribution of the limited liability company, water jet supercharger assembly, cutter head assembly and a variety of waterjet parts is our company's main products. Foshan KAD Machinery Co. Ltd. from entering the water jet cutting industry, after years of unremitting efforts, the company has become a professional engaged in high-pressure water jet cutting industry product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Has been committed to the development and production of water jet cutting technology and equipment accessories, sales of major brands with high pressure water cutting equipment accessories as the core, professional water jet industry to provide parts and service the most advantage of the company's products sold widely in many domestic and foreign well-known water jet equipment manufacturers, equipment service providers, regional trader and the large-scale processing enterprises, processing factory, its excellent quality, unique professional technology and fine processing with the rapid development in the fields of application of new manufacturing needs and new materials, has been adopted by more and more industries, each selling products are professional quality testing procedures, we insist on our part to become your most reliable products, the technical content of products are in a leading position in the world.
The company acquired the domestic and foreign advanced CNC equipment, first-class production technology, improve the technical guidance to engineers, excellent customer service service team, advanced and unique management mode, comprehensive optimization performance, strong customer information, with sharp market insight, grasp the market opportunities, committed to the balance of interests between the pursuit of business, customers and other partners, but also in the peer has won a high reputation and visibility.
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